Our Deceased Members

Many beloved women have gone before us.  We have a beautiful Memorial Book dedicated to preserving our memories of these individuals, updated lovingly for many years by Kay Malyk.  This web page is a reminder to take a look at it when it is on display.     

Margaret Schoenert

Bill & Edna Faulkner

Julia Hagel

Irma Harlow

Stella Niedzwiecki

Marjorie Mathieu

Adele Shklanka

 Madeline Slater

Hilda Griffin

Simonne Goodfellow

Patty Hall

 Linda Bennett

Tracy Mastel

Lucienne Haycock

Anne Funfer

Jo Roche

Katherine Senger

Coletta Gerard

Ida Saurette

Josie Sanesh

Florence Tester

Ella Ell

Margaret Schoenert

 Brigitte Laplante

Patty O’Neill

Mary Borylo

 Carole Nelson

Gloria Martin

Marian O’Riordan

Mildred Miller

Rose Simard

Vena Drebit

Margaret Halle

Lorrain Urvald